Escuela del vino

INMAT arquitectura
Fotógrafo: David Frutos | BISimages
Localización Cehegin. Murcia



Built in Spain Images™
Pedro Jumilla 6, ático A
30700, Torre Pacheco
Murcia. Spain


There are many architects and editors who have trusted BISimages photographers. Within this website you can see many examples of that trust. This is a list of some of the media that have published our photos.

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What is BIS?
BISimages (Built In Spain Images) is a photographic archive of contemporary Spanish architecture. The images that nourish this file were taken by photographer specializing in architecture and interior design.
BISimages develops a dual role as a distribution agency reports conducting their photographers and photo services as an agency for conducting and managing reports in Spain.
For more information you can simply write:

BISimages for Publishers
BISimages is aimed at providing publishers, an image bank which includes large projects of Spanish architecture. As Editor can trust Bisimages for content search. Request special dossiers on materials, let us suggestions on what type of architecture seeks or give us a profile of your editorial, to tailor our proposals to it.
Images from our archive have been published in magazines and publishers around the world. Here you can see some of them.

BISimages photo agency
BISimages provides the management and operation of photographic production companies who need quality images. With a single contact to conduct reporting manage anywhere in the country, mobilizing necessary photographers. Among customers who have come to us include lighting companies, furniture, timber and real estate, plus architects and builders.


David Frutos
Personal web

Héctor Santos-Díez
Personal web


Internal contributors

Jesús Granada, photographer
Jordana Bello, interior designer

External contributors

Rafael Sánchez Quirante, lawyer
Puntogal informática
Javier Orive, photographer
Gori Salva, photographer

Private pool

Picnic Estudio (arch.: Diego Lareo)

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